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pharmIn2 - Collaboration with major public Institutions in Hyderabad

The BayIND representatives engaged in discussions with institutions and regulatory bodies related to the fields of pollution and sustainability.

With their extensive experience in these fields, the experts of the indian institutions were able to suggest several key contact points, including major pharmaceutical industries, common wastewater treatment plants and associations that could be approached for the pharmIn2 project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection. The current industrial technologies used in India were a significant focus of the discussions.

Additionally, the institutions provided an overview of zero liquid discharge and its enforcement in the Telangana region. The public institutions presented a number of suggestions regarding the scope of the pharmIn2 project, as well as various strategies and events to improve the visibility of the project and technology in the Indian market.

Institutions and individuals contacted:

1. Environmental Protection and Training Research Centre: Dr Raveendhar Namilikonda (Technical Consultant & Ex Chief Scientist (R&D))

2. Telangana State Pollution Control Board: Dr. W. G. Prasanna Kumar (Senior Social Scientist) and his team

3. Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH): Rashmi Pimpale (CEO of RICH), Dr. Sushmitha Sundar (Head of Life Sciences), and Srinivas Cherla (Director of Sustainability).