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BayIND Alumni Mentoring Programme

Our BayIND Alumni can apply for a 6-months Mentoring Programme from Alumni for Alumni.

Dear BayIND Alumni,


this year we are offering you the chance to participate in our BayIND Alumni Mentoring Programme from May to November! 🙌


What is it about?

→ A mentoring programme from BayIND Alumni for BayIND Alumni

→ You decide the topic of your mentoring journey

→ Apply as a mentor or mentee - BayIND is doing the matching



→ Kick-off event: 3.-5.5. in Hof incl. leadership training for mentors/career planning workshop for mentees

→ May - Oct: Mentoring 1x/month

→ 1-2x feedback sessions inbetween

→ Closing event: 22.-24.11. in Nürnberg


Why should I apply?

→ Personal development

→ Intercultural exchange

→ Expansion of your network

→ Learn from valuable experiences

→ Meet like-minded people


Let's learn from each other and grow together!

→ Application deadline is 23.2.2024