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Recap 2. BayIND Alumni Meetup 2023 in Bayreuth

Our second alumni meetup took place in Bayreuth from November 24-26, 2023. The theme of the meeting was "Discover your values & personal brand".

From November 24 to 26, 2023, the second BayIND Alumni Meetup took place in the picturesque city of Bayreuth. A total of 40 BayIND alumni - (former) students from Bavarian universities who spent time in India for academic purposes during their studies, be it through internships, study visits or summer schools and Indian students who completed their studies in Bavaria - came together for personal growth and networking. The motto of the meeting was "Discover your values & personal brand".

After check-in on Friday afternoon at the modern youth hostel in Bayreuth, the alumni listened to a captivating talk by Dr. Mahima Goel from the Department of "Applied Functional Polymers" at the University of Bayreuth on "Bayreuth & Bengaluru: A Walk through Hybrid Thermoelectrics". She spoke about her latest energy research and technology, with the goal of a sustainable energy future. Afterwards, they were given an exciting lab tour. The first day ended with a delicious Indian dinner at a restaurant in Bayreuth.

On Saturday, the day began with a hearty breakfast, followed by a short presentation of the Bavarian-Indian Center for Business and University Cooperation (BayIND). This was followed by an interactive workshop on "Design Your (Work) Life" by Olivia Hofmann and Patricia Knoll from Jobtrüffel. The alumni took part in sessions in which they worked out their wishes, needs, values, skills, abilities, visions and goals in different small groups. The working atmosphere was characterized by creativity and a lively exchange of ideas. The lunch break was followed by an interactive presentation by BayIND alumna Sofie Flurschütz, a BayIND Summer School participant from 2019, on "Personal Brand on LinkedIn". The audience not only learned interesting facts about LinkedIn, but also what a professional profile on this social network should look like and how it can be used in everyday professional life. The day ended with a Bavarian dinner, where the BayIND alumni were able to share their experiences and network.

On the last day, the group visited the "catacombs" of Bayreuth with Meisel & Friends, where they learned a lot about Bayreuth's city and beer history during a tour through the rock cellars. The weekend ended with a Franconian lunch.

Special thanks go to all participating BayIND alumni, the speakers and organizers who made the second BayIND Alumni Meetup an unforgettable experience. The event, which focused on networking, personal development, cultural exchange, fun and culinary delights, was an all-round success.

Annette Mages (BayIND Alumna)