Services for Companies & Organizations

BayIND acts as a networking and service platform especially for SMEs in order to support them in terms of establishing or expanding mutual business ventures and to integrate the activities between universities and companies.

Therefore, BayIND organizes conferences, workshops and seminars on a regular basis, that is focusing on, connecting different stakeholders from India and Bavaria.

Among general information on market conditions in the respective partner country BayIND helps to carry out tailor-made research, specific to the company's questioning. The BayIND also supports Indian companies and organizations:

  • In providing cross-cultural solutions in doing business with Bavarian counterparts
  • In their search for a Bavarian intern
  • Knowledge and technology transfer

Economic Key Indicators of Bavaria in relation to other Economies

Indo-Bavarian trade relations

Indo-Bavarian trade relations

The trade relations between Bavaria and India have gained momentum in 2003 fuelled by the opening of the Bavarian Representative Office in Bangalore in 2001. Currently more than 90 Indian companies have already invested in Bavaria. With a current trading volume of 2,688.6 Mio. €*.

Moreover, Bavaria and the Indian state of Karnataka have signed a cooperation agreement in 2007 in order to further deepen the bilateral economic and political activities.

The Bavarian-Indian Centre supports the positive development with its service, especially through it`s Office in Bangalore for questions regarding our services for Businesses please contact us.

*(Source: Invest in Bavaria, Council of European Municipalities and Regions, City of Munich, Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology 2016)




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