Work in Bavaria

Do you want to come to Bavaria for work? Or did you already study in Bavaria and now you want to gain some work experience?

Bavaria offers the best future perspective of all German States and you will find numerous job offers and development opportunities in every sector. Just have a look at the job search engines mentioned below.

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Internships in Bavaria

Doing an internship during your studies is very common in Germany and almost every company offers positions where you can gain work experience already during your studies. These internships last between two to six months and involve most of the time the implementation of your own project. 

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How can I find a company which offers an internship programme?

In Germany, internships are very common and almost every company accepts interns, but not all are offering special internship programs including a special project or an individual supervisor. For finding a special programme, one has to search for specific advertisements on job engines or on the company’s website. Please refer to the link box on how to work in Bavaria? for further information.

Is German mandatory?

German language skills in the working environment are often important, but sometimes only an asset. This is mostly depending on the size and the international scope of the company as well as its own language policies.

How do I write an application for a German company?

An application for a German company consists usually of three parts: first is the cover letter in which the applicant explains his interest in the company, his former experience in the academic and professional field and his own strengths. This document should not exceed one page. Second is the C.V. which includes the topics personal data, education, professional experience, additional skills (like languages, computer skills, social commitment, and experience abroad) and hobbies. This document should not exceed two pages. Third are the final grade reports from school, the university as well as recommendation reports from former employers. Nowadays it is quite usual to send the application attached via mail, if the companies prefer to get it via post, it should be mentioned on their website.

For some more detailed information about the application in Germany, please refer to this link.

When should I apply for an internship?

Taking up an internship during studying is a very common practice in Germany and that's why there is a lot of competition, particularly at big companies. As there are also different bureaucratic steps after having received an assurance, one should apply early, which means at least half a year in advance. This doesn't mean that it is not possible to get an internship faster, but it is less stressful for sure.

How does the application process proceed?

Even though this is quite dependent on the company, usually the application process takes some time, especially in bigger companies where the application has to pass different authorities. It is totally fine to ask for a confirmation of receipt after one or two days, but it is perceived as impolite to ask on a frequent basis during the first two to three weeks and might even reduce your chances in getting it. Of course, if you haven't heard anything after one month, it is fine to send a mail or give a phone call and shows your interest in the internship.

Procedure for obtaining an Internship/ National Visa

To apply for an Internship Visa, check the following checklist for needed documents. The approval letter and the consent letter have to be obtained in cooperation with your German employer. Please keep in mind that also German bureaucracy might take some time!

You are supposed to apply for the Visa to Embassy in your local Jurisdiction, please Note: To obtain a National Visa is a time consuming and long process. You should start the whole process at least 2 months before your date of departure.

To schedule an appointment with the Consulate (obligatory!) you should contact VFS Global. The information regarding scheduling an appointment for your local jurisdiction is as follows.

While preparing your documents listed in the checklist please keep in mind the following instructions: The demand draft needs to be from a Nationalized Bank. You are supposed to carry it to the appointment at the Consulate. The exact amount is mentioned on the site. The application form can be handwritten; also enough Xerox copies should be carried.

What do I have to consider in my preparation for my stay in Germany?

After being accepted for the internship, you will need to apply for your visa. As you will be working in Germany, it is needed that the International Placement Service of the German Employment Agency is informed and permits the internship. For this, your employer has to apply for your work permit and only after receiving this you can file your visa application. For further information, please refer to the website of the German Employment Agency (Website in German!)

Where can I stay during my internship?

When you are looking for an apartment or a room, it is always helpful to ask your employer for help. Some companies have special intern apartments or some of your future colleagues might know of something. In case they can’t help, you should have a look at, where you can find rooms in shared apartments. As this is a common way of living for students and young people, this option is usually a little bit cheaper and also offers you already some new contacts in the new city! If you prefer to live alone, you can look at or, but please consider the fact that there might be an estate agent involved or that you are supposed to rent an apartment for much longer.

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