Studying in Bavaria

The Bavarian-Indian Centre coordinates and promotes the university cooperation between India and Bavaria. BayIND acts as a contact point for Indian students, PhD candidates and lecturers, who are interested in the exchange between Bavaria and India. 

Higher Education in Bavaria

- 9 Bavarian state Universities
- 17 state Universities of Applied Sciences
- 6 state Universities of Arts
- 12 Bavarian locations of Max-Planck Institutes (for basic research)
- 11 Bavarian institutes and establishments of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (for applied research)
- 3.900 partnerships and cooperations with foreign universities and colleges in approx. 123 countries

Study in Bavaria

Due to the low tuition fees and the excellent studying conditions, Bavarian Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences increasingly attract international students. There are plenty of Graduate Schools or structured programmes conducted in the English language which are listed on the Study-in-Bavaria website or under the following link. You can also find detailed information about the summer and winter schools here

Integration in Bavaria

The International Offices (Akademische Auslandsämter), which are directly located at the universities will support you doing your first steps in Germany. Among other activities, they will provide support in terms of registration of foreign students, so that questions relating to immigration and residence permits could be clarified easily. There is always an active community of Bavarian or international students which will accommodate the newcomers.


Where can I get information on studying in Bavaria?

Please join the BayIND Science Office Facebook page and the BayIND Facebook page to keep updated on universities and study programmes in Bavaria.

Also check the following webpage to find your study programme in English:

For personal counselling please send a mail or call our Science Office in Bangalore, India. We will be happy to inform you about higher education opportunities in Bavaria.

Further, to get general information on studying in Germany you can always check the DAAD webpage. You'll also find a database with scholarships there.

How will I find the right university, the right course?

Under the mentioned links you will find databases about the courses the universities offer. Further, we are there to help you! And don't miss the pdf on the webpage which lists all "Degree Courses in English" in Bavaria.

Can I pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Bavaria after 12th class?

Unfortunately, you don't have direct access to German universities if you passed your 12th class. Following steps after your 12th class can make you eligible for a Bachelor programme in Germany:

1. You have to do a one-year subject-related preparatory course in Germany, called Studienkolleg.

2. If you have successfully completed JEE examination you can do your bachelors in the field of technology and natural sciences.

3. In case you have already studied one year of Bachelor in India, you qualify for direct subject-restricted admission. This allows you to apply directly to a German higher education institution for studies in the subject area of your previous academic studies or a related subject.

Can I pursue a Master's Degree in Bavaria after completing my Bachelor in India?

In Germany every university is autonomous and each study programme has its own set of criteria for admitting students. Please check each individual webpage of the course and university you are interested in.

Anyhow, some general information can be given. With a bachelor degree from India, most universities in Germany will consider you eligible for masters (provided you fulfil their criteria). Some universities will ask for TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT depending on the course you want to study.

How much does it cost to study and live in Bavaria?

From the winter semester 2013, Bavarian universities do no longer charge any tuition fees. Students only need to pay a small administrative fee. This is possible because education is financed by the government. For monthly living expenses, you need to have approx. 600 - 800 Euros (rent, food, public transport etc), depending on the city you stay in.

Can I work beside my studies?

Yes, you can! Indian students are allowed to work 120 full or 240 half days per the calendar year.

Are there any scholarships for Indian students?

There are a number of scholarships for talented international students in Bavaria. For further information check out the information on Study in Bavaria's website. 

Do I need to know German?

Only if the course you want to apply for is taught in German. Germany offers numerous International Degree Programmes with English as a language of instruction. But even though your course might be in English, it is still advisable to learn the local language. Not only will you be more integrated in Germany, but also it is fun to learn a new language in a country where you can actually practice it daily. So make the best of your stay and learn as much as you can!

Where can I learn German?

There are the Max Mueller Bhavan Institutes in India, which offer German courses. Please check here.

What are the application deadlines for Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences?

There are different application deadlines depending on the course and university you have selected, and the time you can start your studies (summer or winter semester). Please check with the university.

Who is the contact person for Indian students at the University/ University of Applied Sciences?

The International Office at your selected university will help you. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Is Bavaria a safe place?

Germany, in general, is a safe place. And Bavaria is one of the safest states with the lowest crime rates. Students from all over the world can feel secure and at home here.

Can I stay and work in Bavaria after my studies?

Bavaria has one of the strongest economies in Europe. Many international companies are based here. Bavaria tries to help top international students to stay and work in Bavaria. See here.

After finishing your studies successfully, you can extend your residence permit for up to 18 months in order to find the right employment.



Go Bavaria - Survival Guide

You are planning to study in Bavaria?

Our survival guide supports you in your preparation and provides tips for your stay in Bavaria.

Please write an email to if you would like to receive a pdf version.

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