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Record number of Indian students in Bavaria

The number of Indian students has almost doubled in the last five years throughout Germany. More students come to Bavaria than to other federal states.

During Chancellor Ms Merkel visit to India earlier this month, she expressed her satisfaction with the rapidly growing number of Indian students in Germany. Education is an important area of German-Indian cooperation and she hopes that the number of Indian students in Germany will continue to grow in the future.

The nationwide trend is optimistic because at the beginning of the winter semester 18/19 there was a significant increase in Indian students who decided to come to Germany. According to the Bavarian State Office for Statistic, the number of Indian students in Bavaria rose by 34 per cent as compared to the previous year. This is almost twice as high as the federal trend of 18 per cent. Around 13 per cent of Indian students in Germany come to Bavaria. In Bavaria, the Technical University Munich clearly leads the field with approx. 730 Indian students, followed by the University of Applied Sciences in Deggendorf (approx. 260) and Hof (almost 240). Among the international students in Germany, Indian students now occupy the second place behind China.

Sources: Bavarian State Office for Statistics & Federal Statistical Office