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Onsite kick off meeting for pharmIn2 project

On 21st of September 2023 the first onsite meeting was held at up2e! to kick-off the next project phase.

To start the next phase of the project, three of the partner organisations in the pharmIn2 project met at up2e!'s premises in the town of Rain, Bavaria, to get a deeper insight into the technology. The team from Hof University of Applied Sciences and the Bavarian-Indian Centre for Universities and Business Cooperation (BayIND) were introduced to the technology developed by up2e! and the different devices and use cases by process engineer Ulla Pöschel. The partners also discussed the necessary adaptations for the pharmIn2 project and the use cases in India. In parallel, the team also worked on the educational platform, which is being developed alongside the adaptations for the Indian market. The insights gained from the visit will play a key role in shaping the future of the pharmIn2 project.