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Successful Piloting and strategic discussions of pharmIn2 project

The piloting of the plant was conducted on 10th June at the factory premises of Sanpure Systems in Sanga Reddy, Telangana.

Utilizing the wastewater sample from one of the major south Indian pharmaceutical companies, piloting of the plant has started . Technical engineers from Germany  were present online to oversee the software aspect of the piloting on the day. Representatives from BayIND and Hof University were also in attendance to witness this significant project milestone. The piloting of the project is still underway, with the results of the tests expected to demonstrate the efficiency of the technology in Indian market conditions. 
The team from BayIND and Hof University  also held discussions with Process Engineer Baalhaje Ravikumar regarding the scope of the technology in the Indian market. The team also discussed the pharmaceutical industries that could be approached for the piloting of the technology and the strategies to approach them. Furthermore, various operator models that can be used for the project pharmIn2 were also discussed. Also, the contents of the training platform, which is planned for industry, were also reviewed during the session.