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Successful Installation and Commissioning of pharmIn2 Pilot Plant in Hyderabad

Experts from up2e! travelled to India to oversee the installation and commissioning of the pharmIn2 pilot plant.

On 19th May, the up2e!’s senior engineers Ulrich Pöschl and Jörg Grau travelled to India to supervise the installation and commissioning of the pharmIn2 pilot plant in Sanga Reddy, Hyderabad region. The aim of the visit was to complete the necessary commissioning work with partner company Paques and to train local staff to operate the system independently.

The 10-day visit by up2e! included extensive safety checks and a comprehensive training programme for Paques staffs. The training covered standard operating procedures and troubleshooting techniques using process examples. At the same time, the first operational trials began under the supervision of  the head of the operations team, Mr Baalhaje. He started to run these pilots independently after his successful completion of the training and will continue to be supported by up2e! via remote access and video calls.

To celebrate the successful completion of these milestones, representatives from up2e! and Paques participated in a symbolic tree planting ceremony, representing hope and commitment to future development and environmental sustainability.