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pharmIn2 Project: Expanding Collaborations with India universities

As part of the pharmIn2 project, BayIND continues to build strong academic and industrial partnerships in India.

Prof. Wasudeo Gade, Vice President of Vishwakarma University and Prof. Dr. Chetan Kapadnis, Dean of the university, shared information about various pharmaceutical clusters and associations that could be pivotal for the project's success. Their guidance on potential collaborations is expected to open new avenues for pharmIn2. Prof. Dr. Nitish Bhatia, Head of the Department of Pharmacology at Vishwakarma University, proposed comparative analysis studies to enhance the technology's acceptance in the Indian market. These studies aim to demonstrate the project's benefits and adaptability, ensuring a smoother integration into existing pharmaceutical practices.

Dr. Manikprabhu Dhanorkar, Head of the Symbiosis Centre for Waste Resource Management (SCWRM), Dr. Pooja Singh, Assistant Professor and Prof. Dr. Yogesh Patil, Head of Research Publications provided valuable contact points within the pharmaceutical industry and strategic suggestions on how to approach them. Their expertise in waste resource management aligns well with the project's sustainability goals.

Prof. Satish Pardeshi, Head of the Chemistry Department at Pune Savitribai Phule University, expressed strong interest in the pharmIn2 project and its technology. Assistant Professors of his team Prof. Pragati Takur, Prof. Kisan Kodam and Prof. Subash Pingale have also showed interest in participating with their university students in the training platform developed as part of the project.