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BayIND Alumni-Meetup

Our first Alumni meeting took place in Bamberg from 18th -20th of November 2022.

The theme of the meeting was "Networking".

Our first BayIND Alumni Meetup took place in the beautiful city of Bamberg from 18th to 20th of November 2022. 36 BayIND Alumni - (former) students of Bavarian state universities who had been to India during their studies and Indians studying in Bavaria - came together to interact, learn and connect with each other. The whole event was set up under the theme of networking with the aim of building up a broad and vital network in the Indo-Bavarian context.

Our Alumni had the great possibility to listen to talks of different employees of the Robert Bosch GmbH located in Bamberg, where they could learn interesting facts about the company, their innovative SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) and various career opportunities. In the evening we enjoyed nice conversations and Indian food in the heart of Bamberg.

On the next day, the BayIND Alumni had the opportunity to work on their communication skills in networking during a workshop hosted by Melissa Schütz from the Competence Center of Applied Personnel Psychology (KAP) of the University of Bamberg. During this training, the participants learned interesting facts about their body language, active listening and self-presentation and could train their communication skills in interactive sessions. After a healthy lunch we had an online session with Dr. Vinita Balasubramanian, an intercultural trainer who told us interesting facts about the various types of networks in our daily life as well as the differences between German and Indian networks. In interactive group sessions the BayIND Alumni could share their point of view with each other and further discuss these interesting insights during dinner at a Bavarian restaurant in the evening.

On Sunday we explored the city via Scavenger Hunt where we had to solve different riddles in our teams and had a fun time.

We want to thank all BayIND Alumni and speakers who participated in our first BayIND Alumni Meetup for their motivation and openness towards each other and are looking forward to our next events!