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PhD in Bavaria

Bavaria has an excellent national and international reputation as a location for science and research. Above all, the state of Bavaria is a trend-setter in the fields of information technology, biotechnology, nanosciences, energy and environmental technology.

Why to do your PhD in Bavaria? 

  • Moderate tuition fees
  • Excellent research environment
  • Top ranked universities
  • Top non-university research institutions
  • Bavaria is one of the safest states in Germany
  • Bavaria has one of the strongest economies in Europe
  • Many international companies are based in Bavaria
  • High quality of life


How to do your PhD in Bavaria?

There is no central Office of Admissions for doctoral students in Germany. Firstly decide whether you prefer an individual PhD with the help of a supervisor or a structured PhD programme from a Graduate School. 

Individual PhD Programs: The majority of doctoral students in Bavaria choose to work on their thesis independently. This means that they are supervised by a professor but are responsible for their own research. Most students complete their dissertations within three to five years.

Structured PhD Programs: These programmes are mostly available for science subjects, where a team of academic supervisors works with a group of PhD students on a particular research project. The common working language is often English. Those programmes normally involve compulsory attendance of lectures and seminars.

Special Doctoral Programmes in Bavaria: Elite Network of Bavaria - International Doctorate Programmes: The Elite Network of Bavaria runs several international doctorate programmes for top students. These are structured PhD programmes in various areas of research. Students in these programmes benefit from outstanding facilities for training and research as well as mentoring schemes. Additionally, it funds young researchers by providing PhD appointments at the university.

Find more information on the Elite Network of Bavaria.

Am I eligible for a PhD? You need to have a recognized Higher Education Degree to qualify for a PhD. Generally, a Master Degree from India makes you eligible for a PhD in Germany. In some cases, further proof of examination to assess the eligibility will be required.

Is German a must? Germany offers numerous PhD programs in English. But as your life is also outside the university, German will be helpful.

Bavarian Research Landscape

Doctoral Studies can be conducted at one of the state‘s top research universities as well as at the research institutes like Max Planck or Fraunhofer Institutes, or in the industrial sector. Many Universities of Applied Sciences now collaborate with research universities to offer joint doctoral programmes.

A full list of all Bavarian research universities and institutes can be viewed under this Link.

Also there a plenty of Graduate Schools or structured programmes conducted in English language which are listed on the study-in-bavaria website or under the following Link.

Funding for your PhD

There are various ways and opportunities to fund a PhD in Bavaria. One option is employment as a research associate at a university or at a non-university research institute. It is also possible to work part time in the industry. A second option is a scholarship. DAAD is Germany’s largest funding organization especially for PhD candidates from abroad. There are also several other funding organizations like the DFG.

A full overview of all German funding organizations can be found on the following Webpage.


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