IT in India

Organized by BayIND and BICC-NET on 4th of May and 6th of May

These information events were conducted by BayIND in cooperation with BICC-NET in order for the members of BICC-NET to benefit most from the technical expertise and country know-how of each organization. The first IT in India event took place in the castle-hotel DORMERO in Reichenschwand near Nuremberg on the 4th of May 2010.

First of all, the guest speaker Dr. Roland Haas elaborated on the economic situation of India and its enormous economic growth in the last few years. This growth – in particular in the IT industry of India occurred as a result of the host of outsourcing offers to Indian firms. Dr. Haas gave a short insight in the growth history of the Indian offshore-industry. In the recent years many international firms have set-up research and development centers in India and Indian companies like Infosys, Wipro and TCS have created hundred thousands of jobs in the IT and the BPO-service sector. Mr. Haas discussed several main features which are defining for the success or failure of offshore-activities. The main focus of this presentation was on the analysis of the potential and chances offered by the Indian IT market to the Bavarian industry and were elaborated with the help of practice examples and experience reports. German companies can benefit from the offshore-activities by outsourcing application management or infrastructure services to India. In addition, the Indian market offers many opportunities to German firms which would like to bring their products to market. Furthermore, Dr. Haas dwelled on the large talent-pool available in India as well as on the Indian education system. This was followed by a discussion about issues such as recruiting and attrition of staff.

After a break the next agenda point was an experience report by the Fraunhofer-institution for systems of communication techniques (ESK). The Fraunhofer-society has identified India as an important international market. Ms. Susanne Baumer reported in her presentation the opportunities, risks and the success story of a German research institution. She talked about the research and development environment in India. She gave a detailed description of her experiences in India with the help of various examples and gave tips and tricks for the experience India, especially regarding business deals, negotiations and bureaucracy in India. She presented the different cultural characteristics typical to people from India and Germany. She spoke about the ‘Germany year in India’ in 2011 and the various planned activities. At the end of her presentation she listed and then discussed several success factors when working with Indians.

On the 6th of May 2010 the second information event took place in the Best Western Hotels Erb in Parsdorf near Munich. Both the IT in India events had very similar content. After Dr. Haas’ presentation, the experience report of the Fraunhofer ESK by Mr. Mike Heidrich followed.

The lectures led to lively questions and answers sessions. Thus, there were good discussion rounds during both events with active and interested participants. Subsequently the participants and the speakers had time for networking while having a Bavarian-Indian snack.

In retrospect, one could summarize that: the great growth potential of the information and communication technology is in internationality. Here India is particularly interesting. According to the speakers, India has enormous potential due to the offshoring possibilities, the rapid growth in the domestic market, the demand for German products and technologies, the large talent pool and the growing interest in research and development in India. Nevertheless, firms should take the time to think precisely about the decision of entering into the Indian market. It is recommended to base the decision on thorough analysis and research. Moreover, it is also important to plan a lot of time as well as to have an awareness and openness towards India’s culture and customs.

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