INTERACT: Managers’ Meet

As part of the special events that the Bavarian-Indian Centre organizes, the Managers’ Meet was one such event that served as another unique platform for a group of managers from all over India to interact and network with one another, but more importantly get themselves informed about the region of Upper Franconia, its strategic importance in the economy, and the various things this region has to offer.

The program started with a tour of the company WILO in Hof. 

After which they were welcomed at the Hof University of Applied Sciences with a sumptuous lunch comprising of specialities from the region.

This was followed by a few presentations that were packed with information for the managers.

Prof. Dr. Juergen Lehmann, the president of the Hof University of Applied Sciences formally welcomed the group and gave them a short profile of the university.  Then, an extensive and interesting presentation about the region of Upper Franconia enabled the guests to gain a deep insight into the strengths of the region, special features, the small and medium sized companies based here or Hidden Champions, as they are called, all of which left them quite impressed.  A lot of interesting questions followed this presentation and the managers seemed especially keen about the various companies and their products.

Ms. Seema von Steinaecker then introduced the Bavarian-Indian Centre and its activities to the managers by pointing out the various exchange programs in the field of academia and economy between India and Bavaria, one of the main activities being student exchange. This increased the curiosity of the guests further into understanding the intercultural differences and the competence required to work in a foreign environment. The next presentation by Sneha Prasad, a student of the German-Indian Management Studies Course made for a good example of intercultural exchange and gave them a glimpse of what student life is like at a university campus in Germany.

Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Boerner acquainted the guests with the law and business studies at the university. The program was brought to a close by a rather lively and colourful discussion involving working in Germany, business etiquette in Germany, how one can get started, doing business in the German-Indian context by Prof. Dinesh Patel. The Indian managers seemed excited and had their various questions and queries answered from Prof. Patel.

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