IISc Science, Tech and Cultural Fest 2014

31.01. - 02.02.2014 on IISc Bangalore Campus

Prof. Balaram, Director of IISc on 31.01.2014

BayIND Science Office took part in the first IISc undergraduate festival Pravega. 

Pravega is a fest combining the best of science, technology and culture. In its conception, it is the first and the largest of its kind, and is designed to attract those students who are the brightest, most creative, and most passionate about knowledge of any form. It will grow into a platform for the methodical science and experience of IISc to mingle with the exuberant and keen nature of the youth of India, each gaining from their interaction with the other.

Pravega is the Sanskrit word for acceleration - the derivative of velocity. It reflects the nature and potential of the fest to rapidly grow and become one of the best and most well-known science festivals of India. 



















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