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Experts present opportunities and risks of India for investors

On the 22nd of April 2010 the Sparkasse Hochfranken, the Hof University of Applied Sciences and the Bavarian-Indian Center welcomed local enterprises to the jointly organized event “Does the Future Market India hold potential for your enterprise?”.

A warm welcome with Indian music and aperitifs was given to the guests at the Hof University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lehmann, president of the Hof University of Applied Sciences opened the evening with personal impressions and small anecdotes about this multifarious country. On the one hand India is said to be extremely fascinating and to have great potential but on the other hand it is essential to conduct a detailed location and market analysis before deciding to tap into this large domestic market. Prof. Dr. Lehmann said that “To get into a land means to accept its value system”. He was referring to the fact that India is not at all a homogeneous country.

Mr. Maurer who was representing the Sparkasse Hochfranken addressed the continuously increasing trend of a bilateral trade with India and the Sparkasse’s strong connection to, in particular through the S-Country Desk.

Further, Jürgen Weilandt – head of the German Indian Round Table, Munich – underlined the cultural characteristics of the country. Mr. Weilandt has already been dealing with the country India for over 20 years and thus he was able to share a host of his experiences with the audience. The most prominent finding according to him was that „anything you say about India – the opposite is also true". Giving numerous examples he disproved stereotypes and indicated possible misunderstandings. Moreover, he dwelled on the opportunities for German enterprises in entering the Indian market.

India’s potential is mainly given in the sectors of infrastructure and education and thus in its shortcomings. Essential information and support while going to India can be obtained for instance at the German-Indian trading chamber, banks, consulting firms as well as at the Bavarian-Indian centre.

Invited as an additional speaker Ms. Vera Brielich of the LBBW German Centre in Delhi – Gurgaon presented the group project of the LBBW and the Bavaria LB. Companies can contact this on-site centre in order to receive support for the market entry, thus reducing the risk taken.

Following the presentations of the speakers, an Indian buffet was set up for the guests and slowly a successful evening came to an end.

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