Students of University of Augsburg in Bangalore

7 students along with their professor visited Bangalore in January

The department of political didactics of the University Augsburg organized an excursion to India for 7 of their students and their professor. During their stay in Bangalore, the BayIND Science Office organised an eventful programme.

First, they visited the German Consulate and MMB Bangalore which gave them enriching insights to various topics.

As their excursion dealt with the topic of sustainability, a visit to the IIHS (Institute of Human Settlement) and the NGO Janaagraha were a priority on their list of institutions and organizations to visit during their stay in Bangalore. The informative sessions gave them insights into various topics of Indian present day urban scenario, urban lakes, pollution, heritage cities, impacts of climate change and issues of urban planning in general. 

The students realized the need for educating citizens for a more sustainable future. As all of the students are going to be teachers in Germany, those meetings and experiences in India had helped them to understand India's potential and challenges.

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