DWIH Strategy Planning Meet 2015

Consortium members meet to discuss DWIH activities

From 16th - 18th September the DWIH Strategy Planning Meet took place for the second time after 2014. Most of the 15 consortium members got together to discuss the recent developments of DWIH, research and higher education landscape, joint and regular activities, alumni meets, science circle talks, funding of activities and future event formats. Furthermore, the positive evaluation of the five DWIHs worldwide was presented by Mr. Stephan Lanzinger, Counsellor and Head of Science & Technology Section at the German Embassy in India.

During the Strategy Planning Meet working groups were formed to discuss and bring forward various topics like the DWIH annual report, presentations of the consortium members during joint activities as well as future event formats.

The upcoming event, "DWIH Horizon: Art meets Science" will contain an art exhibition as well as a higher education fair from 21st - 29th November in Bangalore. Same event format already took place in New Delhi and in Kolkata.

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