DWIH Horizon - Art meets Science

27th October - 1st November 2014

The German House for Research and Innovation - DWIH NEw Delhi organised a Photo exhibition titled 'DWIH Horizon: Art Meets Science' in New Delhi from 27th October to 1st November 2014. BayIND participated with an info-session on "Study in Bavaria" as well as an info-stand on 1st November.

This photo exhibition showcased photos depicting everyday life in India. Captured by Indian photographers during the Photography Master Class conducted during the “Excellence on Tour!” road shows in Ahmedabad and Kolkata, these photos have now been assembled into an inspiring exhibition by the renowned German artistic photographer Mr. Wolfgang Zurborn.

The programme of the photo exhibition also included various scientific talks, lectures and workshops conducted by the DWIH New Delhi consortium members consisting of German universities, educational institutes and research funding organisations. On the final day of the event, these institutions set up info-stands to disseminate all necessary information required by Indian students, scientists or researchers to pursue their careers in Germany. This event aimed to capture the gist of Indo-German academic creativity expressed through photography and scientific activities. It displayed a cultural highlight combined with ample first hand information on reserach and innovation in Germany.

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