BayIND Science Office in India

since May 2013 in Bangalore


Thanks to the support of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts, the BayIND Science Office could start its activities in India in May 2013. The existing activities of BayIND can now be extended and deepened.  

The Science Office has been set-up in Bangalore, the capital city of the Bavarian partner state Karnataka. Bangalore is the home of world- class universities and colleges (IISc, IIMB, IIITB) and is a hub of the Indian Aerospace (HAL, ISRO). Bangalore is worldwide known as “Silicon Valley of India”.

With the new Science Office, contacts to German, European and Indian institutions and partners can be extended and intensified. Existing services and activities of BayIND (internship database, support of delegations, higher education marketing, Summer School) can be efficiently supported.

Apart from this, the Science Office serves as a contact and information centre for Indian students and PhD candidates. Here they can get informations about study and research opportunities in Bavaria.

The BayIND Science Office wishes to create a welcoming culture which already starts in the home country of the students and researchers. 


































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